Water Treatment

Our water treatment capabilities cover a very broad spectrum. If there is something not mentioned below odds are it is a service we provide.

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Fresh Water

Industrial Water Softeners, Spot Free Rinse Systems for both Mobile and Stationary applications, and Water Conditioners that break down and prevent scaling etc.

Waste Water

Our Treatment Systems Discharge, Reclaim or Recycle Waste Water. The equipment is used in both single-pass/sewer discharge systems & recycle/zero discharge systems. Some of the technologies we use are: Bioremediation, Electro-coagulation, Chemical Coagulation, Evaporation, Filtration, Oily-Water Separators, and Vacuum Bubble® Aeration.

Water Collection

Water Collection Equipment facilitates waste water reclamation/recapture for reuse, discharge or treatment. Examples: Concrete Pads with collection trenches, Portable Wash Pads, Mobile Wash / Reclaim Systems and Vacuum Recovery Systems.

Custom Equipment

With combined experience of over 100 years, our staff has the experience to help you with your cleaning, environmental or water quality needs. Our site designs are catered to your specific needs. We also have designed and built custom equipment for Separating Oil/Solids/Water, Collecting Water Evaporation, Pressure Washer Trailers, Media Filtration and more.


Pretreatment Equipment is used to remove large solids, skim out floating oils, inject chemicals or oxidize contaminants present in waste water before it is treated by the primary waste water treatment system. Site Design determines the effectiveness of these pretreatment processes.


Ozone Generators (Free Standing Systems & Wall Mount), Pumps (for Circulation, Multi-Stage Centrifugal, Repressurization, and Transfer) and Storage Tanks (Vertical or Cone Bottom)

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